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How do I submit?: You can submit captions to the ask box

Please submit text captions to the ask box or as fan mail. There is no “official meme generator”. I make them all myself.

Why haven’t you posted my submission?:
1. It’s in the queue and is going to be posted later. (Please be patient! The queue is extremely long! Usually submissions take a month or more to make it to the top.)
2. It’s already been posted.
3. It doesn’t make sense/appears to be an inside joke.

Can you give me advice on…?
I’m always happy to answer advice questions! I prefer receiving questions via the “fanmail” system. (Little envelope icon in the top right corner.) Almost always they will be answered privately so I know you get the reply. =) If I don’t know the answer, I will probably know of a website or blog where you can find it!

Why don’t you post many for “insert-crew-name-here?:
99.99% of the posts made now are follower submissions. If you want more for a certain crew, submit them!

Can you promote my event/cause/blog/inside joke?
Unless it’s a very large tech theater related event, I don’t do promotions of any kind. (Same goes for mass announcements/questions/polls of any kind.) If I do it for someone, I’ll have to do it for everyone and I want to keep this blog as submission-focused as possible. I’m sorry!

However, I do post announcements for theater festivals. (Usually they’re high school state thespian festivals.) I don’t follow them though so drop an ask in the box if you’d like me to post.

Why do you hate actors?:
Honestly, BADGERS DO NOT HATE ACTORS! They annoy us from time to time, but we need them to do what we love. Please remember that this is a comedy blog and we make fun of them in a loving way. =)

- I might change or not post a submission if it is hostile towards other backstage members. Sorry, but I want to keep the mocking of other crews to a minimum. We all have to work together to make the show go on!

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