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The Backstage Badger Shop is currently closed. Please stay tuned as we make our move to Ebay! Thank you!

In the meantime, if you would like a shirt, please send an email to thebackstagebadger@gmail.com with the size/sleeve length/style you would like. (Standard/Women’s cut, long/short sleeve, and sizes small through 2XL)

There is a discount to orders of ten or more. Please send an email to thebackstagebadger@gmail.com for more information! (For ordering, I need to know number of shirt style/sizes you’d like, a shipping address, and an an email address for the invoice to go to. It’s processed through Paypal but you do not need a Paypal in order to pay.)

Things you need to know:
-I recommend ordering a size up on the female cut shirts. They run small. The men’s (unisex) sizes are standard. (All size information is available on each shirt’s page.)
-The product pictures only show the shirt from the company I’m purchasing them from right now. If you click through to each style, you can see a picture of the final design. The product pictures will be updated when I get the shirts.
-If you want to order a large quantity, (Over 10) send me an email at Thebackstagebadger[@]gmail.com for information on a price discount.

Again: Direct questions to Thebackstagebadger[@]gmail.com

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